Nancy Campbell

Professor Nancy D. Campbell (University of Troy/USA), is the Department Head of the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) in the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. Her research focuses on science, technology, and medicine as it relates to drugs, drug policy, and the social significance of legal and illegal drugs, with a recent focus on opioid overdose. Her new book “OD: Naloxone and the Politics of Overdose” has just been published by The MIT Press. This interview took place on 08 July 2019 in Troy/USA.

This interview was recorded in the home of Professor Nancy D. Campbell. Please excuse the technical difficulties encountered in the first 9 minutes of the interview, which covers ground crucial to understanding Professor Campbell’s contributions to the field. We regret the quality of this recording, but encourage viewers to listen despite the difficulties. The quality changes approximately 9 minutes into the recording.

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